he Crawlies line of infant clothing became available for sale on February 1st, 2004. Testimonials will be added to this page as we receive feedback from our clients. If you would like to submit a testimonial, please use ourcontact us form.

Hi, we’ve been talking about my son Josiah and you just added him to your crawl of fame page. As I’ve told you in my letter, I love the whole idea of the crawlies line of clothing. Not just for the look but also the added info you give about crawling that every Mom would not know, including me. I’m spreading the news around here in Nova Scotia, thanks so much.
Peggy S

We were looking for a suitable gift for a co-worker who was going on maternity leave here in Toronto. A web search turned up Crawlies. We were impressed with the items shown on the site, all at affordable prices. We contacted Wendy Mullin and arranged for the first ever gift certificate issued by Crawlies. We had to rush as the mat leave party was the next day. Not only was Wendy a joy to work with – she even provided the gift certificate via e-mail attachment directly to our office. Now the Mom-to-be has an array of wonderful items to choose from at her convenience. Thanks so much, Crawlies!
Rick L

Kayla loves her Crawlies and I have noticed that she has much better traction when she is moving around in them!
Mary F

As a paediatric RN and Early Childhood educator, I was excited to see your line of clothing. I, too, believe in the importance of crawling.
Karen M

I received the outfits I ordered this week in the mail! That is what I call fast service! I just love the colours and the cute caterpillar design on them. My son Ryan also loves the sleeper.
Marie U

The “Crawlies” are so cute and so functional. Congratulations on starting this line of baby wear and much good luck in the future.
Pat C

Thanks for a great product!
Sherry M

I love the sleepers! And every time I wash them, they seem to get softer and softer!
Cathy S

What a great idea! I’ve always thought crawling was important. I purchased a sleeper for a baby shower gift. All the guests, including the “mom-to-be” loved the idea (and the nice bright colour too).
Mary M

We are loving the items that we purchased. Our favorites are the sleepers!!
Nikki M

Very Cute!
Mya D

My grandson got his new Crawlies in today’s mail delivery…am I ever impressed with the speedy service! The sleeper and the overalls are really lovely.
Ruth O

Thank you so much. I purchased this sleeper at your booth at the babytime show in Toronto, and within one month she was crawling.
Natalie P

“I just want to say that we absolutely love your products. My husband
and I think the quality and design of Crawlies’s clothing is excellent.
Vijay looks really cute in all of them.

I will definitely recommend your website to our friends. Please keep me
posted for new product lines.”

“We absolutely love Crawlies, especially the soft cotton sleepers! The specialized pads on the knees enables our son to better grip the floor. We wish you all the best of success! I think it is a wonderful product and have told my Mommy’s group about you.”