Crawlies: (krol-ease) A unique new line of baby clothes for babies learning to crawl!

Congratulations, there is new little child in your life!

A child whose mental, physical and social well-being depends
upon the experiences you provide him with in his first few years of life.

Most infants first learn to move by crawling.
This important developmental phase begins with babies
dragging their tummies across the ground and
ends with the infants moving proficiently on their hands and knees.

Tummy time, creeping and crawling are integral elements
of a child’s development, which are, far too often, overlooked.

Many parents and caregivers enthusiastically embrace milestones
such as sitting up and walking; unfortunately, crawling doesn’t seem
to have the same importance. Many don’t realize the benefits
of crawling or how important it is for their developing child.

Crawling is a baby’s first experience with independent movement.
It strengthens their neck, link and trunk muscles and prepares the child’s
body for walking. It ensures that arm, leg, and back muscles are strong
enough to keep them strong, stable and upright. But crawling does
more than just strengthen their body. Crawling actually strengthens
their brain and is their first step toward future learning.

Why should you should use Crawlies baby clothes to encourage your child to crawl?

  • Crawling strengthens the neural connections in their brain
  • Crawling strengthens their neck, trunk and link muscles
  • Crawling enhances their gross and fine motor skills
  • Crawling stimulates their near and far senses
  • Crawling stimulates their visual and tactile senses

Did you know a recent study showed that children who did not crawl scored lower on preschool assessment tests?

To find out more about the many
Benefits of Crawling, click here

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Crawlies – Clothing for Babies on the Move encourages a child to crawl with confidence, while ensuring the child stays safe, has fun,
and develops to their fullest potential!

Crawlies toddler clothing is designed with non-slip material sewn
onto the wear points of the garments: the elbows, the knees,
the soles of the feet, and up over the toes,

Crawlies infant clothing provide the traction, support and stability
needed to succeed, allowing your child to benefit from everything this important developmental phase has to offer!

Crawlies are produced using bright, vibrant colours
with textured non-slip material which help to stimulate a child’s
visual and tactile senses.

And every Crawlies garment exceeds the quality and safety
standards for children’s clothing.

That’s what makes Crawlies a unique line of baby clothes.. an amazing
gift idea for the new addition to your family or circle of friends!

Crawlies baby clothes are available in Canada, the United States, and around the World, are distinctive, and one of a kind.